Types of Pricing Available…

Each residential or commercial construction job is very unique in size, scope, time frame, etc. We also are willing to operate at a number of different levels of service and responsibility from general contractor on a “turn key” contract, as custom home builder on a “cost plus” contract, as home remodeling contractor on a “construction coach” contract, as master sub-contractor to other general contractors or even as your handyman or punch-out specialist.

As such we always try to stay flexible and offer our estimates in any of the following formats that are functional based on the specific factors of that particular construction project or job:

  • Client provides Material, estimate is Labor only.
  • Hourly Labor and Material at cost for handyman, punch-out or projects that are so new or unusual, that we don’t have historic costs to work from.
  • “Turn Key” also known as fixed price contract
  • “Cost Plus” also known as cost based contract

Sample Prices:

Carpentry: framing starting at $3/sf, trim starting at $7.50/cut, interior doors installed starting at $60, etc. (labor only)

Windows: installed in rough opening w/built-in trim starting from $60/window (labor only)

Siding: hardiboard or similar removed and re-installed starting from $2/sf (labor only)

Roofing: 3-tab asphalt shingles torn off & replaced, $100/square or $1/sf (labor only)

Electrical: light fixtures and GFCI’s changed out starting at $20, panel/meter up-grades starting at $600 (labor only)

Plumbing: toilets installed starting at $80, faucets starting at $120, shower valves starting at $160, etc. (labor only)

Drywall: starting at $1/surface square foot or $3.50/heated floor square foot (material & labor)

Tile: installed on concrete slab starting at $3/sf, shower walls over cement backer board starting at $5/sf, etc. (labor only)

Hardwood Flooring: nail down or glue down starting from $1.75/sf (labor only)

Cabinets: installed starting from $60/cabinet, trim from $7.50/cut, etc. (labor only)

Drop Ceiling: 2′x4′ starting at $1.75/sf, 2′x2′ starting at $2/sf, etc. (labor only)

Send Us Your Plans, Site Survey, Photos or Existing Bids…

If you have plans, surveys, photos, existing bids, etc. then by all means, contact us and attach the appropriate files.  We’ll review them within the next couple days, then call you back with any questions and forward an estimate on for your review.

We love to offer this service, as depending how busy you are or how many estimates you’ve already gotten, it can be difficult if you’re busy to keep having Atlanta contractors to your home or business.

So take us up on this offer to make getting your desired pricing or estimate not just free, but easy.  Because our bids are typically 2nd lowest out of 5, and taking the lowest bid out of 5 would be considered risky by most, we’re glad to take the time to get you our bid in this low drag, low hassle manner.

Any questions you may still have about our our pricing or scheduling a free estimate, please click the green “Free Quote” button below or call us today at 404-620-4441 to take the next step in getting your project started and moving forward!


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