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AC Atlanta General Contractors have been designing and managing Atlanta home remodeling and renovation projects for 15 years, including smaller projects like basement finishing, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and even exterior renovation.  Just as Atlanta home renovation implies a larger project than Atlanta home remodeling, so does Atlanta basement finishing imply a larger project than does Atlanta basement remodeling.

Whatever size your home renovation or home remodeling Atlanta, whether 100 sf or 10,000 sf we’re the affordable and experienced team to do it…from design, to permit, to foundation, to tying into your existing structure to punch-out and completion.  We consistently finish our home remodeling projects on time and under budget, while still maintaining a high quality of finished work.

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You can start by emailing your plans or specs over to or fax them to 678-815-0572.  We’ll call or email you back with any questions and to arrange an initial interview or time to meet on site as is needed.  We work with a number of top quality draftsmen and architects, all with 20+ years of diverse experience and affordable.  We’re glad to start from the very beginning of your Atlanta home remodeling project and work with you to bring all the way through to successful completion!

Click the green “Free Quote” button below or Call AC Atlanta Home Remodeling Contractors today at 404-620-4441 to ask any questions you may have, schedule an initial interview or on-site meeting.  We’re usually the 2nd lowest out of five bids, however, we believe you prefer our creative solutions and alternative suggestions as we meet with you and review your home remodeling project in person.


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